Redbrook Youth Group #Save the Wye

Our new youth group at Redbrook have created this 2 minute video, released on 27th July 2021 to coincide with the Save the Wye walk coming through Redbrook.

The young people of Redbrook Youth Club have created this short video to explain why the River Wye matters so much to them and why they are concerned about pollution.

Redbrook is in Gloucestershire, on the banks of the Wye, just below Monmouth. They love spending time in the river – it is available to all; they can reach it by walking – no traffic jams or road pollution involved.

Youth club volunteer Bronwen Sequoia had recently studied the river pollution as part of her A Level biology course and was able to explain the evidence and issues to the group in more depth.

“Phosphates and nitrates, mostly from chicken farming, get into the river, leading to algal bloom. This results in stagnant, slimy green water that is depleted of oxygen. It is dangerous to wildlife in/around the river, biodiversity rates, plants, and if ingested, then us too!”

Parent and keen paddle boarder Beccy Stoddard said:

The river Wye runs through our village and is a massive part of all of our lives. In the summer months the children think of it as a swimming pool at the end of the garden and the whole family (including the dogs) swim, kayak, paddleboard and play in it at any opportunity. Our primary concern has always been safety with regards to the current and hidden rocks – the quality of the water has never really been an issue until recently, when it has been very much brought to our attention. It would be such a loss if we were

unable to swim and play in the river due to negligence and companies not adhering to environmental legislation. 

The video has been planned and made by the young people themselves.  Jess sums it up at the end of the video:
“We need to keep the river safe for all the plants, for the animals and for us!”