Our income

We rely almost entirely on the generosity of individuals.  And although our income falls far short of our obligations, people do give generously to us, and for this we are very grateful.

There is, however, a limited amount of income from fees, grants, and venue hire.

There are statutory fees payable for weddings and funerals.  Of the total fees paid to us for these pastoral services, we are able to keep a relatively small proportion, as we pay on portions of the fee to the Diocese to help subsidise the cost of clergy, and then to organist, verger, bell ringers etc.  So for example, of the £580 typical cost of a wedding, we retain £244.
Our net fees income for 2013 was approximately £10,000.

These relate to major projects for church buildings, so don’t impact on our regular running costs – when received they are irregular income that is restricted  to a specific expenditure.

Venue hire
We don’t do a lot of this at present, though we are looking at how our buildings can help support our outgoings.

How can I give?