How can I give?

Thank you for reading this page, and considering making a donation.
We are tremendously grateful for all the donations we receive.  Every gift helps us to keep churches open and ministry available for all.
“Gracious God, bless gift and giver in the service of your Kingdom.”

These days there are a number of ways to support your church financially:

Online or by text
You can give one-off gifts online using MyDonate or via text using JustTextGiving.
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Parish Giving Scheme
By far the best way to give, for us, is a regular gift through the Parish GivingScheme (PGS), especially if you are a tax payer.  It is a Direct Debit scheme that is centrally administered, for free, by the Diocese of Gloucester.  The advantages to us are that we know we have a regular income, and if the giver is a tax payer we get the Gift Aid claimed for us and returned to us monthly, rather than having to submit a claim ourselves.  There is also the option to ask for your donation to be increased annually by the rate of inflation.  (This is not compulsory, but is really helpful to us, and they send a letter a month ahead of time to check if you are still happy to!)

If you would like to become a regular donor and give in this way, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Other ways to give
You can give regular or one-off gifts at your own discretion using our bank details.

Account Name:          PCC of Mid-Wyedean Churches
Co-operative Bank
Account Number:       65533282
Sort Code:                08-92-99