Pilgrimage, praise and picnic

Sunday 20th July

A Forest deanery event, with a walk from Coleford Angus Buchanan Recreation Ground to All Saints Newland on the burial path, followed by evensong and a bring your own picnic.
The Bishop of Tewkesbury, Rt Rev Martyn Snow will be preaching.
There will also be a labyrinth and ‘pilgrimage’ stations around the church, either as a wet weather alternative to walking, or for the less mobile.
The walk begins at 2:30pm, evensong at 4pm followed by the picnic.

Another walk we've done before

Another walk we’ve done before

The Church is open all day, but the indoor pilgrimage will officially be available also at 2:30pm.

Flower Festival

A ‘Celebration of Textile Design’ – All Saints Church, Newland – ‘The Cathedral of the Forest’
Saturday 12th July 10am – 4pm
and Sunday 13th July 11am – 4pm

The inspiration for this Flower Festival is the collection of stunning Beryl Dean textiles displayed in this beautiful Church. Some of the flower arrangements will be interpretations of the textiles themselves whilst others will use a variety of other textile design to tell their story.
Beryl Dean banners

As well as the flower and textile displays around the church, presentations on each of the afternoons:

On Saturday at 2:30pm we are delighted to welcome the textile conservator Wendy Toulson to All Saints’ Newland, ‘The Cathedral of the Forest’. Wendy will be giving a talk about her conservation workon the stunning collection of Beryl Dean works displayed in the church.Wendy Toulson has over 25 years experience of textile conservation and is an accredited conservator restorer. After reading history at university she trained at the Textile Conservation Centre, Hampton Court Palace. Since 1988 she has run her own studio in West Herefordshire where she works on a wide range of textiles, whether

full cleaning and conservation are required or simply advice on mounting, storage and display. A particular speciality is the treatment of ecclesiastical vestments and furnishings. Clients include museums, heritage organizations, private owners and churches.

Sunday afternoon, 2pm,sees Ann Meek giving a demonstration and workshop. She will show you how to make a piece of bespoke fabric using an embellisher. There will then be the opportunity to make it into a beautiful flower brooch. Ann is an experienced and accomplished crafts woman who has had many years experience of creating unique textiles using a variety of mediums. She runs a weekly craft club in Broadwell and also a series of workshops in Coleford.

July magazine letter

The vicar writes:


Dear Friends,


as I write, there has been rather a lot of examples of the idea of ‘pilgrimage’ in what I have been engaged in recently.  Today, I met up with the reception class of St John’s Academy at Newland Church (‘a place of pilgrimage since c. 1200’ as it says on the sign in the porch).  They had walked there from school along the old burial path, which, as I’m sure you know, was the route from Coleford to Newland for anyone visiting All Saints which was the parish church, instead of making use of the chapel of ease in Coleford.  And the main cause to do that was for burials.


Some of you will know that my husband Mark has been a regular pilgrim with Bishop Michael, the Bishop of Gloucester, who over the last 6 years or so (since the celebration of the millennium of the County of Gloucestershire) has led day long and week long walks around the Diocese.  The last one of these before Bishop Michael’s retirement in November was a couple of weeks ago, and Mark, +Michael and all the other regular pilgrims walked 88 miles from Whelford (just past Fairford), around the South boundary of the Diocese to Oldbury and then up the Severn to Gloucester.  As usual, they visited as many churches as possible along the way, with morning and evening prayer, a midday eucharist and many ‘prayers along the way’ services happening at within the various churches that they walked to.  Those of you who know Bishop Michael will give a wry smile on hearing that the liturgy booklet for the 7 day journey was 161 pages long!


The school’s visit to Newland today, was for a happier reason than a burial; it was to visit the church to experience a mock baptism.  Baby Mary Anne, the class doll, (she was quite pretty, but that’s not what I mean), was brought to baptism by the children who were her parents and godparents for the day and we prayed for God’s Spirit to be with her, and for her to know herself part of God’s family.  So not the end of the journey, but the beginning, in Christian terms.


And the imagery of a journey through life, or a Christian pilgrimage, is a very strong theme in our baptism service, along with the idea of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, being our destination, our inspiration and our companion on the way.

It reminds us that many of us might be the ones who regularly come to church, but that doesn’t mean we are the ones who have got it all sorted out.  We are all on the journey, and it is lovely when we choose to walk together.


So as you walk your journey, whether at times alone or in the company of others, be blessed by  the Gloucester Diocese pilgrims’ prayer:


Holy God,

the companion of our pilgrimage

and the goal towards which we move:

through the events that shape our journey,

through the people who walk at our side,

through the places where we sense your presence,

grant us moments of grace along the way,

as you draw us to yourself;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.