Act of Remembering for Coleford

Hello everyone

we are coming into that time of year which is always a time, a short season, of remembering and remembrance. But as with so many things, this year, it’s different.  

The days we are most familiar with are Remembrance Day (the 11th Nov) and Remembrance Sunday the nearest Sunday, this year that’s the 8th.  and that of course is a day of remembering and honouring our war heroes.  Those who were willing to give their lives for the sake of others. 

As well as that national day of remembrance, about a week beforehand, much of the Christian church also keeps a more personal time of remembrance – which we call All Souls Day – which is a day of remembering and giving thanks for any of our loved ones who have died – we always love them, and miss them, and cherish their memory and so we give a special day of intentionally doing that in the light of God’s promise of everlasting life. This year, this will be more poignant for many who because of Covid restrictions, have not been able to have the kind of funerals they would have wanted for their loved ones.  

And then thirdly, this year to put alongside those other acts of remembering, we also need to remember and give thanks for those who have been and continue to be on the Covid frontline, working in the NHS or Social Care, in food retail or production, our emergency services and essential services workers, our teachers.  So many people within our own community keeping things going for the sake of us all.  

So I’d like to invite anyone who wants to, to join in with Acts of Remembering for all of those things this year. To remember our war heroes and our Covid heroes and our own personal bereavements.   Please see here for how to take part.