All Souls Services 2021

This year we will be holding 5 services around the Parish on Sunday 31st October. These are for everyone who has lost someone close to them. Whether the loss was recent or years ago, we understand that a place and way to remember your loved one is important.

If you would like your loved one’s name read out during the services please email

All 5 services will be held in person, booking is NOT required. However, if you would rather not attend in person for any reason the 6pm service at the Church of The Good Shepherd can be viewed live on our Facebook page – Mid-Wyedean Churches – as well as attended in person.

If you are comfortable attending in person please bring a mask, and expect to wear it if the church is quite full. The services are:

St Peter’s, Clearwell                                  3pm Sunday 31st October
All Saints’, Newland                                  4pm Sunday 31st October
All Saints’, Staunton                                  4pm Sunday 31st October
St Saviour’s, Redbrook                              4pm Sunday 31st October
The Good Shepherd, Broadwell                6pm Sunday 31st October (This service will also be live-streamed)