We are a church that trusts in God and believes in being generous ourselves.
We aim to give 5% of our income to other charities, or to people in need.  We would love this to be more, but at present this is all we can afford.

As a church, we are also a charity, in need ourselves of the support of generous people. Church of England churches, just like other faith groups, receive no support from the state, and the idea that there are huge historic investments that support parish life and the upkeep of church buildings may have been true 80+ years ago, but now simply isn’t the case.  For our day to day expenditure, we rely almost entirely on the generosity of individuals. Some large repair projects attract grants, but by no means all.
In order to meet fully our financial obligations we would need to raise around  £600 per day.

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What makes up our expenditure?                        How can I give?

What makes up our income?

In a multi church parish, where does my money go?

Stewardship information from Gloucester Diocese (see links at the bottom of this linked page)