Shall We Compromise?

This month’s “Hot Potato” topic for debate revolves around the issue of compromise – is it essential or an abdication of responsibility? Just for this month (January) the meeting will be at “Windhover”,. Broadwell Bridge, as the pub is closed for the annual holiday.keep-calm-and-eat-hot-chips-10


There are six Churches within the Mid-Wyedean Benefice – All Saints Newland (also known as the Cathedral of the Forest), All Saints Staunton,The Good Shepherd Broadwell, St John the Evangelist Coleford (currently closed for worship whilst discussions take place about its future), St Peter’s Clearwell (a very popular Wedding venue) and St Saviour’s Redbrook. Sunday services are held at Staunton, Newland and Coleford (currently in the Roman Catholic Church of St Margaret Mary, High Nash) at 9:30 weekly and at Broadwell, Clearwell and Redbrook at 11:00 weekly. Whilst we are developing this site please be kind enough to visit “A Church Near You” for further details.